July Campus Update

Campus Update for July

I had to sign and date a form today and quickly had to scratch out the “6” and make it a “7”. Just like that, June was over! But we made some awesome memories in that month!

Our amazing friends from Whiteland Church of Christ (Indiana) came and worked hard on various projects around campus. They also took us all out for a fun Saturday with pizza and a movie! They have made that part of their trip for several years and we are so very thankful for the entire congregation for allowing us to have such an awesome day out!

We welcomed a brand new group from Green Valley (Indiana). What a fun group! They helped with some work down at the barn, yard work, and other various projects during some major heat wave days. What a great group of positive, hardworking kids (and adults!).

The other group we were able to spend time with last month was from Greenfield, Indiana. Typically, this group makes the journey during the winter, and usually during some major snow storm. So this year, they changed it up and came in June….and managed to come on one of the hottest days of the year, thus far. My question, “which is worse, fighting the snow storms or working in the heat?”. Jury’s still out, but either way, we always appreciate their visit to campus. They brought some great gifts for the homes, helping us cross off some of our houseparent’s “Wish List” items.

Besides groups, we had our Annual Golf Tournament in June. The rain and storms that were predicted and ALL around us, stayed away. We prayed for a BUBBLE around the golf course as the stormy weather was less than 10 miles away. And God provided a beautiful day with not a single drop of rain. So thankful for that and for the opportunity to spend time with my favorite golfers as we raised money for the children and families of Shults-Lewis!

As our new Executive Director, Angela Robertson, is settling into to her role, we are excited about the future of Shults-Lewis. However, to continue our ministry, we NEED STAFF! We need a clinical therapist!!! Right now, our Program Director is having to handle all things program related, as well as do the individual counseling and family therapy. Share the word that we need a clinical therapist, please!

We also need houseparents. We do have a new couple who will be joining us this month and we are extremely excited to work with them. However, as they arrive, the Franklins will be leaving (They are headed to Preaching School!). We would like to hire TWO more sets of houseparents. Who will you tell today about our need for a therapist and houseparents?

Thank you for being a part of our community. You are making a difference in the lives of children and families!

For the children,

Beth Frump, Director of Development

June Campus Update

One of the things we do each morning with our kids is a Community Meeting, and one of the things we ask each person is “How are you feeling?”. This is not a quick “good” or “fine” answer but rather, it is to be answered with an honest emotion—I’m happy, sad, angry, frustrated. We do this for many reasons, but one of the reasons is that we would rather a child TELL us they are angry, than SHOW us they are angry.

Today I am feeling discombobulated. I completely understand the phrase “herding cats” as today I am trying to get things accomplished off of my To Do List, while stopping to answer questions, give directions, answer phone calls, and have had several people just pop in today. Here’s a secret—I LOVE IT. It’s a Mary vs Martha thing in my world. Sometimes, the To Do List needs to wait and I need to spend some time listening to a co-worker that is struggling or spend some time rejoicing with one of our kids who is proud of their grades.

This month, like all months, I have had many, many emotions. Today I am excited that our newly appointed Executive Director will be taking office tomorrow (June 1st). Angela Robertson, who has served as Program Director for the past several years, will be leading this agency forward.
Along with that, I am feeling grateful that we were able to spend this last month with Peter Bumpass, a Board Member, as our Interim Executive Director. He has been a major blessing to the staff as he worked alongside us. He has spent several hours each week at the school helping the kids with their assignments, especially in Math.

Proud is the best word I can use to describe my feelings at the annual Celebration of Strengths Banquet as we watched the kids receive their various awards. Each child is recognized with a strength that the staff sees in them. They also each received an award for their academic achievements.
As the school year ended, we had four of our kids leave our program. I am happy for them, sad for me (going to miss those kids!), and concerned for their future. Please pray that they will continue to use the tools that they know and that they will be successful!

Every day, I am grateful for you. You are the reason we are able to continue ministering to children and families. THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being a part of our community. You are making a difference in the lives of children and families!

For the children,
Beth Frump, Director of Development

Faith. Family. Future.

May Campus Update

As I walked out of the office last night, the kids had just finished doing some prep work on the Raised Garden Bed at the school, and were enjoying some time on the swings.  Earlier this week they had spent time down at the Barn, giving our Barn and our goats a Spring Cleaning.  Our 4H Program has been such a blessing for our kids.  They are learning all kinds of skills and responsibilities.  We are so thankful for everyone who was a part of Day of Prayer & Giving in 2017 who made our dream of the 4H program a reality!

Our theme of the month for April was Empowering the Future.  We had a guest speaker who came to talk to the staff and the kids about Human Trafficking.  It’s a topic that breaks my heart, but something we want our kids to be very aware of, in hopes that we can help protect them from that evil.  Our hope is to provide them with tools and knowledge that they are able to have a healthy, productive future.

In April, several staff members were able to attend the Network 1:27 (formerly Christian Child & Family Services Association) Conference.  The conference is full of educational opportunities for furthering our knowledge in our specific fields, but it also allows us to spend time fellowshipping with the other agencies that provide residential, foster care, and adoption services.  “Lighthouses don’t compete” was one of my favorite quotes from the conference, as I love how the conference allows us to brainstorm together and work together as each agency works to serve children and families.  We are truly all in this together, sharing God’s light to children and families throughout the country.

We continually receive phone calls from families needing our assistance for their child, and we are limited on how many kids we can help because we need houseparents.  Pray for our need of houseparents and please share our need with others.  We are looking for couples/families who are willing to simply say, “Lord, here I am, send me”.

We also have other employment opportunities such as Intake Coordinator and teachers.  If you have interest in any of those positions, please contact us!

Thank you for being a part of our community.  You are making a difference in the lives of children and families!

For the children,

Beth Frump

Beth Frump, Director of Development


Faith. Family. Future.

April Campus Update

Over $214,000 pledged during the Phone for Children Campaign!  Thank you!  Thank you for your prayers and your continued support of this ministry.


For me, March is always a blur of activity and is over so quickly.  Each day is filled with time with different congregations who volunteer for the Phone Campaign, with phone calls with donors, and with face-to-face conversations with you.  While it is a difficult month as we try to raise the necessary funds through phone calls, it always returns ten-fold in blessings—not only in the funds raised, but in the encouragement from you.  THANK YOU!

While Development was out blazing the trail, campus was still full of activity.  The Park Forest AWSL hosted their Annual Chili Supper for Shults-Lewis, raising over $2,000 for the kids!  Our kids and staff had an awesome time enjoying the amazing food and even better company!

The awesome ladies of Royal Oak and Waterford worked together, creating quilts for each of our kids.  The amount of love and prayer that went in with each stitch was felt as the kids each received their own quilt.

Our kids were also blessed by Easter Baskets from a local Boy Scout Pack as well as amazing goodies from the Royal Oak congregation, and a special young lady from the Waterford congregation!  I am so thankful for each of you and how you use your talents and gifts to bless our kids!


Thank you for being a part of this ministry, for giving hope to children and families.  May you be blessed as you have blessed us!


For the children,

Beth Frump

Beth Frump, Director of Development


Faith. Family. Future.

March Campus Update

Have you “Answered the Call” for the 2018 Phone Campaign?  If so, THANK YOU!!!!  If not, you can call us (800.462.0513), e-mail me (bethfrump@shultslewis.org), text, SnapChat, Facebook Messenger, or send a carrier pigeon with your pledge.  It is my goal that families will honor our 62 years of serving children & families with a gift of $62.  That’s just $5.17 a month, or you can give  however it best fits your budget ANYTIME this year!  Again, if you have already pledged, I am so very grateful for your partnership in this ministry.  Thank you!

February, we focused on Emotional Management with the kids.  The thought behind Emotional Management is that it is perfectly fine to have emotions and feelings, but it is how you act upon those emotions that matter.  For example, you can be angry, but need to stay in control while you are angry.  With Valentine’s Day being in the midst of Emotions month, we had our Progressive Dinner with the back-drop being the emotion of LOVE.  We had an awesome meal—my group were the “lucky” ones who went in order, and NO I didn’t plan the dinner, I just lucked out.  After the three courses, we landed together at the Caf-A-Gym-A-Torium to share dessert and Jim Powell shared a message with the kids based on 1st Corinthians 13.


As Jim Powell finishes his days as Executive Director, the Board of Trustees has named Peter Bumpass as an Interim Director.  Peter has been a part of our Board for about 30 years and has been a part of this ministry for even longer.  He has agreed to step in while the Board makes the final prayerful decision regarding the next Executive Director.  While we are sad to see the Powells go, we know that Peter will be an asset in this transition.  Again, if you have any questions regarding this transition, feel free to contact me anytime.

We have placed two new residents this month—a girl and a boy.  Please pray for them as they begin their journey with us.  I am so thankful for you and your role in the positive changes in their lives!


Thank you for being a part of my community!!

For the children,

Beth Frump

Beth Frump, Director of Development


Faith.  Family.  Future