The dedicated professional social services staff at Shults-Lewis provides individual, group and family therapy. Case Managers and Therapists look at the whole child and help that child develop emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. Shults-Lewis integrates their professional services with the daily care of the residents and the school program.

Residents receive individual therapy on a weekly basis, bi-weekly family therapy, and are in therapy groups several times each week. Some of the groups focus on interpersonal relationships, while others address issues that arise out of daily interaction at school and in the on-campus living units.

Including the resident’s family is a crucial component of the treatment plan, especially since the vast majority of residents return home after they leave Shults-Lewis. Residents usually spend 6-12 months at Shults-Lewis and during that time, a plan is developed for each resident that includes family contact, regular communication, family counseling sessions, supervised and unsupervised visits, weekend home visits, and an eventual return to the family.

To further ensure the quality of care, the program consults with psychiatrists and psychologists on an ongoing basis to review and assist in case management strategies and individual therapy plans.

The mission and ministry of counseling staff at Shults-Lewis is to help families and children find the answers to the complex problems in their lives. They believe that drawing out the gifts and talents of the kids they counsel helps them to instill a spiritual foundation and provide hope for teens and their families who may not see an end to their problems in sight.

For more information on the social services program, contact Nicole Luna, Director of Program Services, at (219) 462-0513, or e-mail us.