October Campus Update

Annual Day was incredible!!!  The morning weather started a little rough, but by noon, we had a beautiful fall day for our Open House!  I am so thankful for everyone who donated items, who ran booths, who came and spent the day with us…everyone.  It was a perfect day.

I hope that you are already marking your calendar and your congregation’s calendar for next year’s Annual DaySaturday, September 17, 2016!

We enjoyed the company of the Sojourners for the month of September.  We always enjoy spending time with them as they help us prepare campus for Annual Day.  The
amount of wisdom in these amazing servants is awe inspiring.  The kids enjoyed sitting with them and listening to their stories.  And so did I!!  Oh that we would all learn from their example.

In September, we had some staff changes.  Angela Robertson finished her Master’s degree and has taken on the role of Program Supervisor, leaving her former position of Intake Coordinator.  Carren Powell, who has been a housemom here and most recently Administrative Assistant, moved into that vacant Intake Coordinator position.  And then we added a new staff member, Liz Moon.  She has taken the position of Administrative Assistant.  Hers is the happy voice you will hear when you call.  Her passion for ministry and helping children has made her a perfect fit for the work here!

I ask you to pray daily for more staff members.  As we look toward the future, we have several employees who will be retiring over the next few years.  And more immediately, we are in need of houseparents.  We want to open our homes to serve as many children as possible!  Please PRAY for us and SHARE our need for staff with others.  Our next houseparenting family may be sitting next to you on Sunday morning.

Thank you for loving our kids and our Father.

For the children,

Beth Frump, Development Director



Faith. Family. Future.


September Campus Update

God is doing AWESOME God things on campus.

The biggest thing that has happened on campus in August is the “Caf-A-Gym-A-Torium” renovations.  I am blown away by the amazing donations for this project.  God is doing God things!  We started with the new lights which are amazing and much more cost-effective.  Then came in the basketball hoops and the painting of the walls.  And now the floor is almost complete…and hopefully by Annual Day, Saturday, September 19th, it will all be done!  We are so thankful to you and to all the donors who have prayed and helped with this project.  COME SEE IT!!!

Another AWESOME thing that happened in August is our Intake Coordinator, Angela Robertson, completed her M.S.W.  With that degree completion, she can now fill the position of Program Services Director.  And with that shift, Carren Powell, has accepted a position change to become our Intake Coordinator.  And with that, we get to welcome a new employee, Liz Moon, as our Administrative Assistant.   Awesome, exciting staff changes!!!

We welcomed three new young ladies into our program in August as well.  We currently have 3 seniors!  One will graduate in December and if all goes well, Kevin & Hannah will be graduating next summer!  Awesome things are happening in their lives!!  Keep praying for houseparents so that we can help more children and families!

Thank you for being a part of this ministry!

For the children,

Beth Frump, Director of Development,

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Faith. Family. Future.

August Campus Update

And just like that, July is gone.  We have been blessed by several congregations who visited and put in some volunteer hours around campus.  We appreciate the hard work, time, and effort of every single person who comes to volunteer.  What an awesome opportunity for our kids to see that Christians from all over the Midwest love God and give of themselves to serve others.  Visiting groups add so much to our summers, not only the physical work completed, but it gives our kids an emotional boost.

As our summer school draws to an end to prepare for Fall semester, we have several kids who are moving on from Shults-Lewis and several who will be coming into our program.  It is a period of adjustment for all of them and I just ask you to continue praying for them.

I hope that you have made the arrangements to join us on our Open House, Annual Day, Saturday, September 19th.  It is a wonderful day of fellowship with other Christians and an opportunity for you to see the campus, meet the staff and kids, as well as enjoy some incredible food and crafts.  It is also the perfect opportunity for you to see the updated gymnasium.  Come see us!

For the children,


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 Faith. Family. Future.

July Campus Update

Summer has arrived.  Well, the rain and the cooler temperatures are trying to convince us that we missed summer, but the activities, summer school, and visiting groups are brightening our gloomy rainy days!

Our kids go to school year-round.  For many of our students, summer is a time for credit recovery as they can earn a full semester of work in the summer.  For the students who are on target with their school credits, the summer program offers electives such as Photography, Independent Living, and we even have a young man taking Polish as a foreign language.  And Mrs. Terhune always adds an hour for activity every day to give the kids some fun time during the school day.  The kids have enjoyed sewing, quilting, crocheting, gardening, reading, and even just going outside to play.  Summer school is awesome!

Our community has an event every summer, “Chalk the Walk,” where different organizations and families purchase a space of the sidewalk around the downtown to chalk.  We asked our kids to create a design and three girls went downtown and chalked our logo on the sidewalk.  It was a wonderful way for our kids to be part of the community and they did an awesome job!

Another thing we love about summer is Visiting Groups.  We appreciate the time different groups give to help around campus.  There are so many tasks on the “To Do” list and we rely on their assistance to get things accomplished.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, September 19th for our Annual Day/Open House Day.  Come visit us and bring all your friends and family!  It’s a perfect day to see the mission you are supporting!


June Campus Update

May was an incredible month on campus, full of activity and excitement!

Two of our lovely ladies finished their High School journey on May 27th .  It was an honor to watch them graduate!  They have both overcome many obstacles in their lives to reach this pivotal moment and we are so proud of both of them.

The first Day of Prayer and Giving for Shults-Lewis ended the month for us.  It was our goal to have every individual and every congregation to pray for the kids and staff of Shults-Lewis as well as raise $50,000 for some much needed updates in the gymnasium.   We are still getting the reports back from churches and individuals about how their Days went.  If you have any information on your or your congregation’s involvement, please e-mail me!

Athletic or not, all the kids enjoyed Field Day on the last day of regular school.  It was a beautiful day and the kids participated in various events and relays.  The highlight of Field Day is always the Staff vs Kids Softball game.  Rest assured, the staff stand undefeated with their victory of 19-3.  What a fun day!

Throw in a RailCats baseball game field trip (thanks to all of those boxtops), the Strengths Banquet, an AWSL benefit auction, a group from Illinois who helped paint and clean up the flower beds, and May was gone in the blink of an eye.

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Faith. Family. Future.