Entries by Kiana Baldwin

June 2022 Campus Update

Hoping you all are enjoying the start of summer. Our school closed out the year with a mini “Strengths Luncheon” to honor our kids with a STRENGTH that the staff sees most in them. We enjoyed a Mexican themed lunch and fellowship as we encouraged and honored our kids. During this past month, we also […]

May 2022 Campus Update

Hello everyone! It is so exciting to be able to have time to do the job I was hired on to do and finally send out a campus update.  The last 4 months have been the most difficult that I have had in a long time. Since the Smiths had to step out of […]

November Campus Update

The staff and kids had an absolute blast this last month, especially during our fall festivities during Spirit Week.  Our Principal, Vickie Terhune, had a week of fun ready for everyone which included hat day, bad hair day, nerd day, hoodie day, and costumes.  Most of the staff joined in and we had a lot […]

October Campus Update

Beth Frump always liked to cheer from the mountaintops (or should I say sand dunes?) when summer came around.  I, on the other hand, LOVE THE COLD WEATHER!!  But, I want to make it very clear that when I pray for snow, I pray that the snow doesn’t land on your driveways. 🙂  (I feel […]

September Campus Update

Well, it finally happened.  Our campus was breached by COVID.  Being understaffed, it made it that much harder when staff started getting COVID.   But, with God’s help, we pulled together as we usually do and made everything work.  We used some of our office workers and a teacher, to take turns watching one of our […]

August Campus Update

July went by so fast! The staff and kids have been so busy that I’m not sure July even happened this year.  Let me tell you what we’ve been doing. WE OPENED OUR BOYS’ HOME AND PLACED OUR FIRST BOY! Pray for Erik as he transitions to our program. Staff have been speaking to […]

July Campus Update

Shults-Lewis staff have been busy this summer. Our kids have been working hard on their goals as well as their schoolwork which has paid off. Some of our kids are transitioning to go home this summer. Please pray for them as they take these next steps. And please pray for the kids that are on […]

June Campus Update

I can’t believe June is already here! Development wanted to give you a quick update regarding our campus activities. We are sad to say that we lost a set of houseparents, Kim & Fred Lucas. The Lucases felt their time here was over and they wanted to experience different opportunities in Texas. We were blessed […]

May Campus Update

Gerald and Phyllis Frump are asking a favor. Since they were unable to have a service or funeral of any kind after Beth’s passing, the Frumps would like you all to do something special. Beth did not like funerals at all, but she did love celebrating her birthday. Gerald and Phyllis would like all of […]

April Campus Update

Wow! March came and went so fast due to the Development Team working on the Phone Campaign. We knew this year would be difficult for our churches to be able to find enough volunteers willing to venture out to make phone calls, but they managed and they did an excellent job. Development would like to […]