Shults-Lewis operates a year-round, comprehensive, private Christian school that is recognized by the Indiana Department of Education. The free-standing school facility, dedicated in 1991, is complete with a gymnasium, science lab and library. A well-qualified group of teachers offers well-rounded curriculum and children have the opportunity to earn high school credits accepted by the State of Indiana and/or earn a high school diploma. Our faculty also prepares students to take the GED. Residents receive a first-rate education and an excellent opportunity to further their educational goals during their time at Shults-Lewis.

The backbone of the educational program is built around a dedicated group of Christian teachers. The faculty is trained and certified in their specific curriculum area (math, science, English, history) as well as in special education, behavior disorders, emotional handicaps, and learning disorders. This allows them, not only to educate their students in a particular subject matter, but to be sensitive to their emotional and personal needs as well.