The Shults-Lewis Board of Trustees oversees the ongoing development of Shults-Lewis and its mission. The authority to operate Shults-Lewis Child & Family Services is held by the Board of Trustees. The Articles of Incorporation for Shults-Lewis (Article II, Section 2) state the following: All members of the Board of Trustees shall be faithful, active members of the churches of Christ, who have an interest in child care and the goals of Shults-Lewis, and shall be elected by the Board of Trustees for a term of three years. Shults-Lewis is a ministry of the churches of Christ and its mission is to serve children and families in need by offering mental and emotional healing, counseling and care. In that same spirit, Shults-Lewis also seeks to serve children and families by offering the spiritual healing found only in Jesus Christ.

  • Jim Gordon, President
  • Marcus Hardy, Vice President
  • Jim Haferkamp, Secretary
  • Alan Bain, Treasurer
  • Richard Root, Assistant Secretary
  • Tyrone Thompson
  • Dwayne Smith
  • Peter Bumpass
  • Rusty Skipworth