On Campus we have 7 homes where the residents live. Two of the homes are specifically set up as relief for the times when the full time houseparents have their week off or vacation time.  Even though there are campus wide rules, it seems as if each home takes on its own personality, often changing as new residents arrive.  Home life on campus has been referred to as “structured chaos”.  Shortly after arriving on campus our young people learn to trust the security of the structure and rules.

Even though raising teenagers can be akin to herding cats or as challenging as nailing jello to a wall, we find it is also a rewarding life in which the learning, teaching and praying never stops.

One of the most fulfilling things is seeing the changes in a child.  Often they may arrive with a history of misbehaviors or the “cares of the world” on their back, many times as a result of some childhood trauma.  As the months pass, we begin to notice the same child singing hymns under their breath or maybe looking at things in a more positive manner.

As houseparents we are fully supported by a compassionate staff who are also dedicated to this mission.