On campus, we have a private Christian school where all of our residents attend. The residents attend school year round with a full semester of credits being earned during the summer months.

Upon entrance to our program, many of our students are lacking credits and courses. The year round school offers them an opportunity at credit recovery. For those students who are on track educationally, the school offers elective courses such as Photography, Personal Finance, and Independent Living.

Because of the individualized attention and the high standard of accountability, students who previously earned failing grades, quickly rise to Honor Roll Student status. The kids are amazed to see what a difference it can be if you just simply do your homework and set aside study time.

As their grades rise, the students begin to build their confidence in themselves and they learn the rewards that come with hard work. For the first time ever, they are able to dream of a future that includes higher education.

The education staff works with each child to ensure that their educational goals are being accomplished and they are on track for whatever path they desire for their future.