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April Campus Update

To be honest, I’m not sure what all happened on campus during March. I was blessed to travel throughout Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois to various congregations who volunteered for our Phone for Children Campaign. One of the coolest things about the Phone Campaign is the support we receive from home. ALL of the kids made […]

June Campus Update

One of the things we do each morning with our kids is a Community Meeting, and one of the things we ask each person is “How are you feeling?”. This is not a quick “good” or “fine” answer but rather, it is to be answered with an honest emotion—I’m happy, sad, angry, frustrated. We do […]

January Campus Update

How crazy busy was your December?  If you are like me, it can fly so quickly that I miss it.  I have to be intentional about Being Present, to not rush past the laughter of a 3-year-old as he beat my dad in Hungry, Hungry Hippos AGAIN, to not rush watching a Christmas movie with […]

December Campus Update

Taking an Ohio State fan to “The Big House” at U of M. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about.  A couple of our boys went “home” to Michigan with Joel & Kerri (Houseparents in Home 2) and they made sure to take the time to show the boys the University of Michigan. How awesome, […]

November Campus Update

During November, we have our Staff Appreciation Dinner.  As I was working on that dinner, I was looking back throughout the year and it always amazes me how much we do each month.  My assistant, Kiana, looked at me and said, “Why are you surprised? We are always busy.”   And she’s right.  And October was […]

October Campus Update

Annual Day was AMAZING! It is quite possibly my favorite day of the year. I love seeing all of you and getting some time to talk and catch up with what’s going on at your congregations. I had the BEST grilled chicken (thank you, West Chicago), the BEST melon (thank you, Muscatine), the BEST pie […]

September Campus Update

The month of August brought us several more visiting groups which was AWESOME!  We had a group from Michigan, who come almost every year.  It is always fun to watch the kids grow up and we are so thankful for their service each summer as they do various tasks with our maintenance department.  We were […]

August Campus Update

What did we do in July? We started the month off with a 4th of July celebration at Angela Robertson’s (our Program Director) home where the kids enjoyed awesome food, playing baseball & board games, and just enjoyed an evening together. On July 5th, we were joined by a group from Plymouth, MI, who worked […]

July Campus Update

I saw a Facebook ad for a T-Shirt that read, “Yes, I’m strong, No, I won’t help you move”. I loved it. However, it would need a little asterisk that says “*unless you are moving in as Houseparents”. Today we unloaded the 4th set of houseparents in six months, and still have one more truck […]

June Campus Update

May has been an incredibly busy month!  We started this month off with our Strengths Banquet.  It is an incredible night where the staff honors each child’s strengths.  We want the children to know that God has given them amazing talents and we want to encourage them to grow those talents and abilities.  At the […]