General Information

Although the residential program is licensed for children ages 6-18, the program is designed for males and females age 12-18 of any racial, ethnic, or religious background who have demonstrated extensive individual or family problems that require therapeutic services of a residential treatment program. Children accepted include neglected, abused, emotionally disturbed, and behavior disordered. Children with limited intellectual functioning are screened on an individual basis. Applications are accepted from agencies, hospitals, mental health professionals, and individuals.

Admissions Procedure

In addition to this secure online application, applicants may also write or phone the Shults-Lewis offices during regular hours for application material. An intake evaluation of the youth and family is based on:

    1. Information from the family and friends of the family.
    2. Review of school records.
    3. Previous counseling and testing records.
    4. A social history.
    5. A pre-placement interview at the Shults-Lewis campus.

Unless special conditions require emergency action, the admission process involves:

    1. Submission of completed application forms.
    2. Scheduling of a pre-placement visit at Shults-Lewis for evaluation and interview.
    3. Completing physical, dental, and eye examinations, including Mantoux TB test and supplying immunization records.

If you would like a referral application packet please call Jon O’Keefe, LMFT at 219/462-0513, or e-mail us.

Online Intake Application

This PDF file can filled out online and either emailed directly to Shults-Lewis or you may print it out and bring with you when you come for an appointment. Download the intake application. Please be patient, this opens in a new window and because of size it may take a few minutes to open.

Please Note: you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this application. This is a free program you can download by going to