February Campus Update

SAFETY was our theme for January.  If you follow us on Facebook, you saw that each week we focused on a different aspect of SAFETY—Moral Safety, Emotional Safety, Physical Safety, and Social Safety.  A local power company came in and taught the kids to not electrocute themselves, not to fly balloons near power lines or to let balloons go, not to get out of a car if you hit a power line (unless car is on fire).   The police department sent Lt. Chavez to campus, who taught the kids not to bully or cyberbully.   A local group that teaches positive teen health came and taught the kids not to drink or make poor choices with their bodies.   And finally a former housemom who is a physical therapist came in and taught the kids how to breathe deep, use reflexology, and to create new healthier habits to deal with stress and bad days.  And as one of our boys pointed out this morning, “And Safety month had FOOD!” as we kicked the month off with a lunch from Firehouse Subs.  What a fun month for the kids (& staff)!!

You may have seen or heard that our Executive Director, Jim Powell, and his wife, Carren, have decided to resign from their roles at Shults-Lewis.  In Jim’s words, “it’s just time for us to simplify.”  They are moving to Colorado and will still be involved in the mission of childcare.  However, they want to enjoy a simpler life, with more travel (to see more of the west side of the country).  Obviously, we are sad to see them go, but we appreciate the years of service they have given to us and wish them the best as they journey on.

The Board has already begun to search for the next Executive Director.  We know that God has begun preparing the next Director.  In the meantime, we will continue to care for children and families.  If you have any questions regarding Jim’s departure, feel free to call him or me anytime.

Day by day God is changing the lives of children and families.  I am thankful that He chooses to use us.  He will continue to do amazing things this year at Shults-Lewis and I am grateful that I get a front row seat, next to you.

Thank you for being a part of my community!!

For the children,

Beth Frump

Beth Frump, Director of Development



Faith. Family. Future.

January Campus Update

How crazy busy was your December?  If you are like me, it can fly so quickly that I miss it.  I have to be intentional about Being Present, to not rush past the laughter of a 3-year-old as he beat my dad in Hungry, Hungry Hippos AGAIN, to not rush watching a Christmas movie with my niece & her husband (I feel like just yesterday she was the 3-year-old playing the games).  Be Present.  We will never get this time back and I want to make sure I don’t miss it.

Our kids enjoyed a Saturday at the Circus, thanks to a Board Member purchasing the tickets.  They thoroughly enjoyed the day, as did the staff.  Be Present.  Watch the kids squirm as they held a huge snake (yikes!).  Laugh with the kids as they show off their blue tongues from slushies and cotton candy.

Be Present as our kids presented their 4H projects for this semester.  Be Present as they showed their goats, gave their speeches, and shared their creative writing stories.

Several staff members enjoyed the South County Love Your Neighbor Christmas dinner.  Be Present in our community.  We enjoyed an amazing dinner together, laughing together, being entertained by various singers and groups, all while spending time with people from our community.

Christmas parties!  One of the best days of the year is the Staff Christmas Party.  It is the one day where we are able to gather (almost ALL of us) for a lunch.  Be Present as we play Mean Santa and watch the gifts exchange as one person steals another’s new found treasure.   Be Present as we simply enjoy time together, no kids, no worries, no stresses, just us.  Together.

The Kids’ Christmas Party included a game of Bunco and a visit from Santa!  Be Present as the kids receive their gifts from Santa.  Be Present as the kids see all the amazing gifts and stockings that congregations provided for them.

Then there are the simple quiet days during break.  Be Present as they share the plot to the new book they are reading.  Be present and play another round of cards.  Be Present and shoot some basketball or play some ping-pong.

Thank you for supporting this ministry and allowing us the ability to Be Present in the lives of these precious children.

For the kids,

 Beth Frump, Director of Development

Faith. Family. Future.

December Campus Update

Taking an Ohio State fan to “The Big House” at U of M. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about.  A couple of our boys went “home” to Michigan with Joel & Kerri (Houseparents in Home 2) and they made sure to take the time to show the boys the University of Michigan. How awesome, though. Here we have a houseparenting family who are on their “off” time. They are able to spend the holiday, with no “work” responsibilities. But rather, they take a couple of boys who didn’t have a place to go for Thanksgiving to their family Thanksgiving. And this isn’t the first time that’s ever been done!

Sitting around the Powells’ Thanksgiving table was a boy who “graduated” our program several years ago who only has Shults-Lewis as his family. They also hosted a houseparenting couple who, because of the visits of the kids, had an empty home at Thanksgiving dinner time.

The “work” of Shults-Lewis doesn’t just happen from 8-4:30 or even just Monday-Friday. The staff, your missionaries, don’t clock in and out. They recognize that this is their mission field and sometimes it means you open your home during holidays, forfeiting “off” time, or sit at basketball games on Friday nights, or take a boy to Target on a Saturday morning.

I am so blessed to be a part of a mission work where people give of themselves daily to ensure that kids and their families are taken care of. I am blessed to work alongside people who “respond with God’s love” daily to children and families.

And as you gather with your friends and families this holiday season, know that there is a campus of children and staff who are so very thankful for you. You are the reason that we are able to continue to serve. Thank you for being a part of our community and allowing us to work with the most amazing, precious children of God.

May you be blessed as you have blessed us!

For the kids,

Beth Frump, Director of Development



Faith. Family. Future.

November Campus Update

During November, we have our Staff Appreciation Dinner.  As I was working on that dinner, I was looking back throughout the year and it always amazes me how much we do each month.  My assistant, Kiana, looked at me and said, “Why are you surprised? We are always busy.”   And she’s right.  And October was no different.

We started the month with a group visiting from Lebanon, Indiana.  They helped us get Home 7 cleaned and prepared for whenever God blesses us with Houseparents (keep praying!).

The next weekend the Waterford AWSL (Associated Women for Shults-Lewis) held its Annual Benefit Auction and raised nearly $6,000!  What a fun evening!  We are so appreciative of the AWSL groups and all they do for the kids.

During the next week, Lissa Baldwin and I hit the road to pick up items from various congregations.  I love being able to come to your congregations and visit.  I love getting to know you and spending even just a couple minutes with you.  I hope that your congregation will have Jim Powell come sometime in 2018 to give an update presentation and then, I’ll have to tag along just so I can see you.

A group from East Peoria, IL visited in October as well.  They helped us empty one of the rooms that had begun gathering “stuff” so that the room can be utilized as part of the therapy for the kids.  Even the 3-year-old was helping carry things out for us.

Then, as we traditionally do, we held our Spirit week at the end of the month.  We had Nerd Day, Bad Hair Day, and Costume Day.  The homes each decorated a pumpkin.  While I’m sure I say it (and mean it) every year, this year we had the BEST pumpkins ever!  We had a Halloween party with a Hayride, games, and a Haunted Home.

No wonder I feel like taking a nap.  I mean, besides all of this fun stuff, the kids had classes, chores, took care of the goats, and all the other normal daily activities.

I may want a nap…. but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I am so blessed to work with the most amazing kids, the most gracious and generous donors, and the most selfless staff.  Thank you!

For the kids,

Beth Frump, Director of Development


Faith. Family. Future.

October Campus Update

Annual Day was AMAZING! It is quite possibly my favorite day of the year. I love seeing all of you and getting some time to talk and catch up with what’s going on at your congregations. I had the BEST grilled chicken (thank you, West Chicago), the BEST melon (thank you, Muscatine), the BEST pie (thank you, Waterford), the BEST lemon shake-up (thank you, Yorktown), and so much more. We had more change cans turned in and more commodities donated than we have had in several years. And for the first year since we started the KidZone, I was able to play! What a blast to jump in the Bounce House & to race in the Obstacle course! What an awesome day! AND, overall, we were able to raise over $20,000 for the kids! THANK YOU!

We had an amazing time with the Sojourners. They tackle so many projects on campus and help us get prepared for Annual Day. But beyond the physical labor, they encourage us with their stories and kind words. They love on our kids and remind them that there are people all over this country who love them and are praying for them.

The kids have transitioned to the online learning very well. I wandered into the classroom one day and one of the young men shared a story he was writing for Economics class. He was supposed to use a Kingdom as an example of Supply & Demand. He was excited to share his fantastic story with me. It was awesome. I did, however, tell him his story would’ve gone from awesome to AWESOME had he named the queen, Queen Elizabeth. It is incredible the class offerings we now can provide them.

We said good-bye to Justin & Callie Phelps, houseparents in Home #7. Because of family health concerns back in Kentucky, they moved back “home”. They left at the end of September. The boys transitioned into Home #6 where we still had available beds. Please pray for the Phelps and pray as we search to find houseparents for Home #7.

We are excited about a couple of groups that will be coming this month, one from Lebanon, Indiana, coming for the first time. We also are getting excited about holiday activities starting (Pumpkin decorating!!!), and simply enjoying the Fall season. More about those next month!

As always, I thank you for loving our Father and loving our kids!!
For the kids,

Beth Frump

Beth Frump, Director of Development

Faith. Family. Future.