December Campus Update

We ask you to pray for Hannah Baldwin, Joy Smith, and Jenn Swartz as they have all moved on to different chapters in their lives.  We welcome Tammy Warren, Director of Operations, to the team!

I know I keep asking you all to pray, but that’s what this ministry is all about.  Not only do we ask you to pray for our new kids for their transition, but we ask you to pray for them during the holiday season.  It is very hard for our kids during the holidays, no matter what their situation is.  As we prepare for Christmas, we thank you all for the prayers and for your donations to help make this holiday special for our kids.

I just wanted you all to know how much I have appreciated working with you. I stepped into the role as Development Director after Beth Frump passed away to help fill a void. However, it is time for me to step out. Thank you for your patience, love, and support. -Lissa Baldwin

                               Happy Holidays from the Staff and Kids at Shults-Lewis!