January Campus Update


The staff and kids had a good time over the holidays.  Santa and Mrs. Claus (Houseparents Joy & Charles Smith) showed up for the kids’ Christmas party and passed out presents.  Our “Elf” (pantry worker James Terhune) was close at hand to help Santa with the presents. 

The staff enjoyed the Staff Christmas Party as well as a beautiful luncheon that the Board of Trustees had catered in for the Staff Appreciation Lunch.  Since we couldn’t get together due to COVID, we were able to use our gymnasium to social distance and still enjoy a DELICIOUS meal!  Angela Robertson (Executive Director) spotlighted each staff member and told them why she appreciated them so much.  Our board members took the time to make a virtual video for us to play since they could not join us in person.  IT WAS AWESOME!  Some of our board members’ wives even got in on the occasion by making 2 quilts to give away in a drawing (made by Lynette Root), making and donating beautiful jewelry for each staff member (made by Irene Gordon), and Sandy Haferkamp came to campus to watch our kids in the next room so that ALL of our staff could enjoy the party.  We can’t thank them enough for such a wonderful luncheon.

            Happy New Year,

              The staff & kids at