February Campus Update

On February 11, we visited Clay City Church of Christ.  We attended worship services and Johnnie gave a Powerpoint presentation.   In the foyer, we had a display table with information.  We enjoyed fellowship with their members and a soup potluck.  On February 25, we visited Naperville Church of Christ where we attended Bible Study and worship services.  Johnnie gave a short presentation and discussed the 2024 Phone Campaign.  What a privilege it was to meet so many members of both congregations.

Our students enjoyed a field trip to Inman’s Bowling & Recreation Center this month.  It was great to have some fun bowling, playing arcade games and going to Chick-fil-A.  Our math teacher, Daryl Evans, continued to amaze us with his strikes.  He was our most experienced bowler.

In February, we also said goodbye to our relief houseparent, Jessie Banks.  We celebrated with cupcakes and ice cream.  We are so grateful for her service with the kids and wish her all the best in retirement.  She was so kind giving each team member a scripture bookmark with our name on it.

February kicked off the beginning of the 2024 Phone Campaign.  I am thrilled to share that we have raised almost $50,000 for this year’s Phone Campaign.  Our donors are such a blessing!  Our goal for this year is $190,000.  The expenses to provide treatment services exceed the cost of just a group home.   In March, we will be traveling to host churches for the Phone Campaign.  Our team is excited to meet with volunteers as we raise money for the kids at Shults-Lewis.  Donors may contact us at 219-462-0513 to make a pledge.  Donations may be made by check and mailed or by credit card on our website at www.shultslewis.org.  There is a 3.5% service charge for credit cards. Thanks again for taking this journey with us as we continue to serve kids who face trauma.