August Campus Update

And just like that, July is gone.  We have been blessed by several congregations who visited and put in some volunteer hours around campus.  We appreciate the hard work, time, and effort of every single person who comes to volunteer.  What an awesome opportunity for our kids to see that Christians from all over the Midwest love God and give of themselves to serve others.  Visiting groups add so much to our summers, not only the physical work completed, but it gives our kids an emotional boost.

As our summer school draws to an end to prepare for Fall semester, we have several kids who are moving on from Shults-Lewis and several who will be coming into our program.  It is a period of adjustment for all of them and I just ask you to continue praying for them.

I hope that you have made the arrangements to join us on our Open House, Annual Day, Saturday, September 19th.  It is a wonderful day of fellowship with other Christians and an opportunity for you to see the campus, meet the staff and kids, as well as enjoy some incredible food and crafts.  It is also the perfect opportunity for you to see the updated gymnasium.  Come see us!

For the children,


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