October Campus Update

In October, Johnnie and Tammy visited New York Avenue Church of Christ in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It was great meeting Tim Harty and members of the congregation.  His message on Sunday was a true blessing.  Church visits provide us with the opportunity to share God’s work at Shults-Lewis. 

This month, the residents had the opportunity to go on a field trip to Fair Oaks Farms.  This farm is the largest dairy producer in Indiana and one of the largest in the county.  The kids learned about the animals, farming practices and nutrition.  They also were able to experience the rope course.  This type of course helps individuals attain personal achievements and overcome fears and anxieties.  Despite the cold weather, the kids had a wonderful time. Our kids LOVE school field trips!

In November, we will be visiting Grandville Church of Christ and Sunnyside Road Church of Christ to share information about what the kids of today are facing, how we are impacting the lives of kids, and to connect with our donors face-to-face.  If you are interested in having us come out to your church to give a presentation on the work we are doing at Shults-Lewis, please contact me at 219-462-0513 ext. 103.  Thanks again for taking this journey with us.