December Campus Update

On December 8, we celebrated Vickie’s Terhune’s second retirement from Shults-Lewis with a party.  Vickie served as school principal for 32 years.  Over the years, Vickie has touched and impacted so many residents’ lives; especially in the area of Math, where she has tutored many students.  This is not goodbye as Vickie will be volunteering with us in the new year.

On December 22, we had our staff and resident Christmas party with our Board of Trustees.  Everyone enjoyed the pizza, games and presents during the celebration.  Thank you to our wonderful donors who purchased items for both our residents, houseparents and our homes.  We were so blessed with your kindness!  We are so thankful to God for the impact of your support for the children we serve.

In January, we will be visiting Maplewood Church of Christ, Memorial Parkway Church of Christ and Springbrook Hills Church of Christ to share information about what the kids of today are facing, how we are impacting the lives of kids, and to connect with our donors face-to-face.  In February, our travels will take us to Clay City Church of Christ and Naperville Church of Christ.  If you are interested in having us come out to your church to give a presentation on the work we are doing at Shults-Lewis, please contact me at 219-462-0513 ext. 103.  Thanks again for taking this journey with us.